Title : Josephson Junction 

    Author: Todd Chaney, Samir Hatem


     Title : Johnson and Shot Experiment

     Author : Netwon Kwan, Wliiam Willis

     Title : Guassian Fit and Midterm Continuation

     Author :  Wendy Mira

     Title : Autonomous Driving in India

     Author :  Shivam Kumar Shrivastava, M V Chandana

     Title : Chaos Theory

     Author : Newton Kwan, William Willis

     Title : ADTrap- Adverse Drug Reaction Classification using NLP tools and Deep Learning Methods

     Author :  Ritika Saxena, Kshitij Soni



     Title :  Smart Monitoring Using Embedded System

     Author : Vikalp Gupta, Shreya Gupta

     Title : Image Classification with Fashion- MNIST

     Author : Ritika Saxena 

Volume 1 | Issue 1